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Chai Tea arrives at HELLUVA!!

We have discovered a HELLUVA Chai tea to add to our portfolio…ZUMA! .

Chai is India’s national drink – it’s loved in every home, sold on every street and served in every shop. We drank plenty of it on our travels, which is why our sweet and spicy creations taste so authentic.

• Make your very own Haldi Doodh with Zuma’s delicious Organic Turmeric Chai
• With the perfect blend of spices Zuma Chai offers a warming, comforting drink
• Zuma Vanilla Chai is the perfect blend of black tea extract, vanilla and spices…delicious
• Zuma Chai contains absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives and has been approved by the Vegetarian Society

To launch these fantastic products we have an opening offer on until Friday 11th May !!