I have been trying to find a way to include Turmeric in my daily healthy intake, but to be honest I have never really enjoyed the taste. That is until I added a teaspoon of Zuma Organic Turmeric Chai to my HELLUVA Espresso. Zuma Organic Turmeric chai combines flavours of ginger, vanilla, orange and of course turmeric and contains absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, additives or preservatives, when added to your morning coffee along with a subtle sweetness it also provides that much needed caffeine kick along with all the health benefits associated to Turmeric ! You can find more information by clicking the link in the post. #turmeric #turmericbenefits #turmericlatte #turmerictea #caffeine #espresso #espressoshot

Our first feature blend … The Festive Blend was a huge success over Christmas and we have limited stocks available so why not keep that festive feeling flowing , make yourself a festive brew close eyes and forget the ****** for a while.

Welcome to 2021!! All at Helluva are looking forward to bringing you some new coffee blends, hot drinks and all things coffee #espresso martinis and the like. We aim to feature these blends weekly or failing that whenever something new comes to market! In between times we will be posting useful information from the coffee world and beyond, avoiding the C**id word whilst we all tackle these difficult times. Hope you enjoy all the best Jamie and the Helluva Team !!

Organic Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

As we begin to ease lockdown restrictions and you start to dust down your coffee machines, getting ready to kick start them back to life, we have available an Organic cleaning powder to do just the job! It is a safe high performance cleaning powder for semi-automatic espresso machines. It is extremely economical due to its high performance, super concentrated formula. Just one small scoop is needed to thoroughly clean the group head.

Cafetto EVO Organic Espresso Machine Cleaner – 1kg Powder

Gluten Free Cookies


New range of gluten free cookies have been added to our selection … perfect accompaniments to any Helluva hot drink!!

Pioneers of gluten-free baking since 2009, Kent & Fraser is a dedicated artisan producer of gluten free and wheat free baked goods sold through fine-food retailers and independent delicatessens across the UK and overseas.
All our products are approved gluten-free by Coeliac UK and our high quality standard is certified BRC Grade A. Kent & Fraser is a family business, founder-managed by a pastry chef, and we bake all our own products in our own bakery in London.

Chai Tea arrives at HELLUVA!!

We have discovered a HELLUVA Chai tea to add to our portfolio…ZUMA! .

Chai is India’s national drink – it’s loved in every home, sold on every street and served in every shop. We drank plenty of it on our travels, which is why our sweet and spicy creations taste so authentic.

• Make your very own Haldi Doodh with Zuma’s delicious Organic Turmeric Chai
• With the perfect blend of spices Zuma Chai offers a warming, comforting drink
• Zuma Vanilla Chai is the perfect blend of black tea extract, vanilla and spices…delicious
• Zuma Chai contains absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives and has been approved by the Vegetarian Society

To launch these fantastic products we have an opening offer on until Friday 11th May !!