Our story

Pam and Jamie ConnolleyDuring a family trip to New Zealand to celebrate a birthday, whilst walking back from a day on Lake Wakatipu, we noticed a sign outside a café inviting people in for a ‘hell of a coffee’ !

With time to ponder on our flight back to the UK, coupled with a passion for coffee and the desire to establish our own family business, we decided to build on this saying and establish it as a coffee brand.

By the end of 2012 HELLUVA…Limited was registered and our flagship blend had been launched under the HelluvaCoffee brand. Initially selling to family and friends, HelluvaCoffee can now be enjoyed in a number of leading cafes and restaurants across the North East of the England.

Our coffee is roasted to order by our accredited UK roasters who ship green beans direct from all the major coffee growing Nations, where they are stored in state-of-the-art stainless steel silos, awaiting blending and roasting.

As our brand grows we aim to introduce more blends to our range and have launched our new website to allow a wider audience to experience a HelluvaCoffee in their own homes.

As our coffee business developed we realised that HelluvaCoffee doesn’t only relate to coffee but to many other beverages.  In the future we aim to add these to our portfolio and distribute via HelluvaCoffee.

Jamie and Pam Connolly